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Since 1973, We have experience in handling air cargo export and import, one of the most recognized agencies in the country's air cargo.

IATA us since our inception, we handle air cargo to and from anywhere in the world, we also have an expertise in handling perishable cargo which enables us to be your strategic partner for their preference for air.

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With the expansion of the canal, the most efficient ports in Latin America, our privileged geographical position and the most qualified personnel to manage their shipping needs of export and import of either full container loads or loose, we are confident of offering the world market a shipping service excellence for the benefit of our customers

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Since 1989 we have a ground for its regional import and export cargo van full loose and being the pioneers of this service in the country and the Central American region, this allows us to present to the world market and a regional service quality and Most importantly, its reliability

  • Import/Export
  • Distribution
  • Customs Procedures
  • Insurances
  • Carries
  • Van intact and consolidated (FTL / LTL)
  • Inspection of Goods (Survey)
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    Logistics stems from the need to satisfy companies involved in the continuous flow of goods nationally and internationally, which must meet standards of quality, delivery time and handling of goods.

    The keys to good management of logistics is customer service, inventory, supplies, transportation and distribution and storage. Together these activities to achieve customer satisfaction and reduced costs of this company.


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    Servicarga was founded in 1973, providing international trade, a range of national competitive advantage and a quality service, which has led us to partner with international companies of the first order

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